For All Our Heros In The Fire Department, Police Department who many never came out alive, to all families of love ones who were affected by this gigantic act of Cowardism. 

PJD Business Machines 9/11 Tribute
Heros Of 9/11
PJD Business Machines 9/11 Tribute
Dedicated to Ed Cachia

Ed is retired from the NYC Fire Department , Engine 53 Ladder 43 Spanish Harlem (EL Barrio's Bravest).
He is one of the Brave ones who was at WTC and put his life on the line along with Lt. Bob Dorrite, FF Lou Giaconelli,FF Kevin McGovern,FF Mike Catalano, FF Bob Schofield Ladder 43 included Lt. Glenn Rowan, FF. John Colon, FF. Matt Long, FF. Tod Fredrickson, FF. Jerry Sudan, FF. Frank Maccia.God Bless these brave men!
And thank You for you service! 

We Shall Never Forget
PJD Business Machines 9/11 tribute
We Shall Never Forgive
PJD Business Machines 9/11 Tribute

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