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We offer all inclusive copier leases, 3 year leases are  the best way to go, call us and we will explain why
this is and why to stay away from companies offering you more than 3 years leases.
Leasing a copier should not be a difficult task but salesmen with their own interest in mind make leasing a nightmare,
we will clear this all up for you so you know exactly what to expect.

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Phil's Blog, let us save you money 

Monday, October 17, 2022

A 63- month copier lease?
A 63- month copier lease?

Today I went out on a machine proposal at a church in Nassau County and could not believe what I saw.

The copier dealer they're using is trying to lock them up for 63 months!

Talk about a snake-oil salesman, 63 -months!

Why on earth would anyone want to do this? Customers are just signing leases and not thinking.

I have been writing blogs for over 20 years on how to avoid being a trap to the snake-oil salesman, and I can not believe it is still occurring today.

Folks, when you are leasing a new copy machine, never do a lease for more than 3- years.

*Technology is constantly changing, and copy machines are improving with better, more advanced features.

*Security levels are also changing in copy machines, like strict scanning protocols when documents are scanned to email or corporate to servers.

*What happens if you do not like your current copy machine?

What if you want something bigger or downsize into something smaller?

Do you realize how costly it is to get out of a copier lease? If you try to end a lease early, you will pay dearly for doing this with penalties above and beyond the remaining months to pay off.

*Do you realize that the first three years are the best performance out of a copy machine?

When it comes to today s copy machines, after 3-years is when performance and efficiency in any copy machine start to reduce, and scheduled PM services are required and in return, more downtime for your office.

*What happens if the dealer goes out of business or their service is terrible?

*What happens if you are not happy with the leasing company and want to switch?

The answer to all of these questions is nothing. The lessee cannot do a thing until the lease ends.

Is it clear now why a three-year copy machine lease is to the customer's advantage?

In the end, the copy machine salesman is selling you the monthly payment and the cheaper the monthly payment, the better their proposal looks but it is all on the back end of the lease, it looks good upfront but you are paying for it in the "rear", the sake-oil salesman knows that by the 4th year of a lease, 80% of the customers are begging them to get out of it and will be paying dearly.

Also a note in leasing contracts:

The dealer has a right to increase your monthly lease payment by 10-15%! It is in B&W, take a look at your current lease, many large dealers will do this.

If your copier salesman hands you a five-year copy lease, send him/her packing.

If you speak with our sales, we will put you into the perfect lease with the best choice in copiers for your office.

4:56 pm edt 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Cheapest price & best service (pick one)


I probably go on six to eight proposals a week here and some

I get and others I walk away from.


   I understand in today's market that everyone is knowledgeable


and has plenty of shopping savvy but folks, we need to take a


few steps back when it comes to leasing copiers or going into

a service agreement with one.


I have been in this business for 30 years, I know the pricing


and what it takes to "properly" maintain copiers with genuine

parts & supplies. 


I have seen proposals by companies on Long Island that are


just hard to believe. There is an old saying, if it is too good to


be true be wary. If you decide to go with the absolute cheapest


price on a lease copier, then when you wait for service or are just


NOT happy with the overall experience with the dealer, you got

what you paid for.


Paying the cheapest price and getting the best service, pick one

of these because you cant have both!  be happy with your decision.

We sell and service Kyocera/Copystar copiers on Long Island

(BTW we are not the cheapest)


Speak to one of the owners directly and we will give you an honest quote

9:27 am edt 

Thursday, March 8, 2018

5 year copier lease are 2 years too long
Posted on January 16, 2017 by PJD Business Machines

Salesmen are still pushing this and their company they work for love it!


Who benefits from a five year copier lease? Why on earth would you want


to enter a five year copier lease? If you are going to lease a copier, you


want a new machine every three years, the first three years are the best


for reliability & efficiency in a copiers life. I have over 30 years as a repair


tech knowledge, I see these machines and what goes wrong with them

and when they fail.


Aside from the physical aspect of the 5 year copier lease, why would


you want to be tied into a copier company for five years? I have seen


the largest companies out out of business or if they didn't go out of


business, I have seen their service dept. go downhill. Which in return


means a longer time waiting for a service rep to show up or inadequate

parts in stock, which would mea


n a tech shows up, diagnosis that you need a part and you don't see

them back for a week or longer!


What happens if the company is bout out and the service you loved


is not there anymore. So many things can go wrong or sour in a five


year period, I am not saying it will definitely happen but why would you

want to take that chance??


Copier companies & salesman or furious at me for writing such a blog,


they know that I am letting out the secrets of the business but isn't it

about time honesty and upfront trustworthiness prevails?


Speak to Phil or Peter at PJD Business Machines, we are Long Island's

Copier Sales Company (honest copier sales)

Here is a link to our website: http://www.longislandcopiersales.com

9:32 pm est 

Waiting longer than one day for copier service?

Waiting longer than one day for copier service?

Posted on October 12, 2017 by PJD Business Machines

This is like a throwback 25 years ago with the big copier

dealers, back then this was common, customers waiting

3 to 5 days for copier service, large companies would not

care as they took care of their largest accounts first.

For the past 15 years, this was unheard of as competition

became so great and no copier company could afford to

lose customers because of bad service or long response times!

The 90's are back in full force! every week I go out to meet

new customers and they are complaining that they are waiting

for service and want to move their business to us!

This week I had a customer call in, they have a Konica Minolta

Bizhub and it needed a waste container, he has been down four

days! an accountant in his busy season. Needless to say, this

company will be going with us for his next lease.

We give same day copier service, we will come to you on a

Saturday if needed and we will accommodate you for after

hour service.

Visit us on the web http://www.longislandcopiersales.com

or call us today, you have enough to worry about being in

business, the last thing you need is poor copier service

and long wait times.

Speak with the owner and get the service & response

time you deserve.



516 785-3299


9:26 pm est 

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Kyocera Dealer's loss on Long Island is our gain..........

I picked up a new customer today, we hit it off very well, turns out he

was an Army Veteran who served in Desert Storm. Small law firm in

Lynbrook, anyways, they bought a decent entry level commercial

machine from a Kyocera dealer in Farmingdale, (I wont mention their name)

anyways, after 4 years they no longer wanted to honor a service contract.

They tried to strong arm them into purchasing a new MFP copier, the machine

only had 80k on it and had plenty of life left. Companies should be happy just

to have a loyal customer, why strong arm them? The Snake oil Salesman was

very eager, I guess he had a vacation coming up this Spring. That's fine, but

not the way we do business. I now have a very good customer, I can tell

good people, I also gave him a 10% discount for being a US Veteran, that's

the way I do business.

10:35 pm est 

10:33 pm est 

Monday, March 3, 2014

You are unhappy with your service provider and want to get out of a lease?


From time to time I will go on a sales lead and the customer will ask me


if I can get them out of a lease. I would like to be clear on this, once you


sign a lease, you are stuck in that lease for the entire time you signed in


for. Will a salesman BS you and say “yea we can get you out” sure they


will but you can only get out one way, and that is if you buy out your lease.


The salesman will call your leasing company and asked them for the buy


out price,which will include the additional cost if the leasing company


charges if you end a lease early. They take that amount and they tack that


onto the price of your NEW copier. Yes it is a very hefty dollar amount but


someone has to pay for it (YOU). I what the salesman will try to convince


you on doing is locking you back into a 60 month lease! They salesman


and leasing company will make more money by booking you into a longer


lease, yes your monthly payments will be smaller but you will end up

paying more.


What did you think? the smiling salesman was going to absorb this hit?


He nor his/her company or the leasing company will ever do this,

you are on your own!


Now, I have been writing and preaching for more than 10 years now,


why you should never go into a five year lease, over and over and over


again. When you have a high volume office and you are doing 150k – 200k


or better a year… you should lease a machine for THREE YEARS FMV ! after


the three years, your machine will be at around 600k, this is when things


break down and major pms are needed, why go forward with the same


machine? after all you are leasing and you will continue to lease, mine

as well lease something fresh every three years!


Customers with moderate volume or low volume, I recommend they lease


with a $1.00 buy out so you can enjoy lease free months after three years,

after all, isn’t that everyone’s goal? to keep monthly payments to a minimum?


The salesman wants to sell and will do anything to sell that machine to you.


You can not get out of a lease without YOU paying dearly. Not even the


biggest law firms can get out of a lease, trust me, I have been doing this

well over 20 years.

To recap this blog:

1) You can not get out of a lease

2) Never lease a machine for more than 3 years (reasons obvious)

3) Take anything a copier salesman says with a grain of salt.


9:38 am est 

Monday, February 3, 2014

It sometimes takes weeks for my copier service provider to return with a part they ordered for the machine


It sometimes takes weeks for my copier service provider to return with a

part they ordered for the machine


Wow, I have not heard this in years! I mean, we live in an age where business


can not afford to be sloppy and to be prompt is everything now a days….


We picked up a customer yesterday who has four machines, two Kyocera/Copystar


copiers and a few HP laserjet printers. How could a copier service company


on long island neglect this? I guess the company got too big? I guess some


companies wont pay any attention to you unless you have 20 machines or


more? I am very shocked by this but heck, we picked up a new customer


who paid, right on the spot! They are also considering upgrading the

Copystar cs5050 to a new copystar cs5500!.


Just like the big box stores like Home Depot, you can go there, go in there,


find stuff…. but good look being taken care of like you would get at a small


local hardware store. PJD Business machines is like that small local hardware


store. You like fast reliable and knowledgeable technicians?  give us a try,

what do you have to lose unless like like waiting two weeks or more for parts.


12:23 pm est 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

What is the difference between leasing and renting a copier? which one is for me?


I often get call from people looking for information about copier machines


and many times, they do not understand the difference between the two.

I will try to explain it simply without going into a long boring post.


When you ask to “rent” a copier, this is typically for short term use.


A rental can be from 1 day to 6 months usually. Yes there are exceptions


like if you choose to accept a machine with all inclusive service from a


company that you have developed  mutual trust for but this is not

very common.


To “Lease”  a copier is more long term, 2 year lease,3 year and up 5 year lease.


Why anyone would lease a machine for 5 years is beyond comprehension.


I will be more blatant, any salesman who suggest you to do a 5 year lease

is a snake! (we already talked about the snake oil salesman in my previous blogs)


Now follow along here with me…. No matter if you lease or rent, either


will cost you a lot more then if you purchased the machine outright.


Let me repeat this, when you lease or rent, you WILL be paying a lot


more for the machine, plus you will be paying for fees like one time


document processing and other hidden fees built into a lease that a

salesman will never tell you about.


So, I am not going into detail on this blog but I just wanted to answer

your question on the difference of both.


If you are looking to save as much as possible, if you are looking to get


the machine at the rock bottom lowest cost, then you PURCHASE the

machine outright.


If you do not have the money to purchase outright, then you lease the copier,


if you lease, you should not do more than 3 years, if you are looking to get


the most out of your lease/copier, then you should be considering a dollar

buy out lease.


If you are planning an event where you need a copier or you have something


going on at your office and want an additional copier to supplement your


current machine then you could “rent” a machine. Short term rentals

is our specialty.


Feel free to ask any questions, I will respond quickly and give you the

most honest professional solution for your office equipment needs.

3:24 pm est 

Buying a refurbished HP Laserjet 4250 printer?


Do you see that HP Laserjet printer in the photo? do you see that


genuine HP 4250 maintenance kit box? That genuine maintenance


kit gets replaced when your HP Laserjet hit around 200k-225k. HP


sets this interval inside the printer so when it hits the 200k mark,


a message will be displayed that says “Maintenance kit needs to be


replaced”. This is done so it virtually eliminates any down time due


to part failure, you see, all the parts in this kit are the consumable


parts that normally wear out and cause printer issues like jamming


or poor print quality. We stock these maintenance kits, we have them


fresh and newly manufactured. These kits are not cheap, they cost

US over $200.00.


So I bet your asking, why are you telling us this??? I just wanted to


give you a little background on this before I go into our refurbished


printers. All our refurbished laserjets gets these kits installed along


with other parts, we also either replace or renew all the printer panels

to make the laser printer look like new!


I often see advertised on the internet, HP Laserjet 4250n printers that


are totally refurbished for under $250.00, my question is, HOW CAN


THAT BE? how could someone be offering a refurbished laser printer


at the same price a genuine HP maintenance kit cost? It does not


make sense because it is not true, it is impossible that this can be

true and I just want you to be aware of this.


What these so call refurbish companies or fly by night repairman


are doing is a spit shine, and the printer will last the 30 days and


then it will fail. If it seems too cheap, it is not a properly refurbished


printer. We have been refurbishing laserjets for 20 years, we only use


genuine parts and all are printers come with a full 1 year warranty.


We can offer a full year because we know the job is done right the


first time using all OEM Genuine HP parts, even the toner will be

genuine HP toner.


If you are looking for a HP printer like the HP4250N, fully refurbished


and guaranteed, look no further and give us a call. We have a great

selection of HP Printers in stock.


Let us take your business to the next level, call

PJD Business Machines at 516 785-3299

you can visit us on the web at:



3:22 pm est 

Buying a refurbished HP Laserjet 4250 printer?
3:06 pm est 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Are you updating or getting a new Server?

Well before you let your IT department sell

you a new server, understand this, many of

the older copiers will not be so friendly when

it comes to scanning, sure it will print with no

problem but scanning will be an issue. If you

upgrade to Windows 2008 or better… you will

have to make sure the copier is no older than

3 years. I have been seeing this often lately,

a customer will upgrade without asking us if

the machine is capable, the IT department is

quick to “blame” the company who installed

the machine but the truth comes out very quickly.

Sure you can “wait” for patches, but can you

really afford to be waiting? So take a tip from

us, before you upgrade the server, be well

aware that you may have an issue with

scanning to SMB or scanning to email as

security levels are very high with new equipment.

10:22 am edt 

Damp copier paper cause jamming & CQ issues

With the Summer months upon us, with high humidity

comes issues with the paper you load in your machines,

I can try to save you money here $$$, if all of a sudden,

your copier or printer will not feed paper or it jams….

first thing you should do is take out the paper in the

tray, put it aside and NEATLY open up a ream of fresh

paper, I say NEATLY so after you take what you need,

you can properly close the package up to ensure

dampness keeps out! Now that you have the “fresh”

paper in your hands, fan the paper out and install it

into the machine and run a test. If she feeds fine then

you know it was the paper. Remember that it only takes

15 minutes for humidity to set in. I have customer who

call us on Monday morning and say the copier is jamming,

I ask them if the ac is on and they tell me yes, I ask them

was it turned down or off over the weekend and they say

Uhmm, yes… well there you go.

Not only does damp paper/humidity cause jamming but it

also causes copy quality issues, you will never get good

solid black print with damp paper! it will appear spotty,

washed out looking. A washed out copy is a very good

indication that you have a paper issue, again, take paper

out and install fresh paper from a package. Never take

paper out of the package and pile it on the shelf, its just

inviting troubles. Taking the proper steps in preventing

paper issues will save you money and more important,

will keep your equipment up for your business.

Thanks for reading
PJD Business Machines

“Our Business is to take your business to the next level”

10:16 am edt 

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Selecting a Copier/Printer company to do service for you…

Your office machine fails and you need a service provider to properly

repair it, this could be a daunting task, so many companies out there to choose from.

I want to give you a a little tip that you will appreciate. A copier/printer company

whom sells and repairs machines can only handle a few lines at a time to properly

and effectively handle service.

If you see a company that advertise that they sell and repair A to Z products…

I will bet my last dollar that they are not very good at either sales or service,

even a MASTER technician such as myself and a few of our workers at

PJD Business Machines can not handle every manufacture line. Trust me

it is impossible to do this. So when you see a company advertise we fix

them all…. RUN from that place!!

A normal sales/service company can handle up to 3 manufactures to

properly service your equipment. Remember the old cliché? “A Jack of

all trade and a master of none” ??? well it holds true. This is why many

internet company just sell machines, oh they may promise on site service

;-) yea right, from who? from where?

Even local companies lets say on Long Island may say we fix A to Z, having

these people come to fix your machine is taking a chance, not only are they

NOT qualified to repair your machine, you will be waiting days or weeks for

part replacement. By the way, we at PJD Business Machine only sell three

brands, Canon, Kyocera and HP, we only service three brands, Canon,

Kyocera and HP. If you call us for Konica Minolta or Xerox, or Ricoh, w

e will tell you no.

So when searching for a service provider, ask them what manufactures

they represent? ask them what is the turn around if you needed a part,

here is a better way to find out if the company is equipped to service you

and your machine, ask them if they have toner in stock TODAY for your machine!!!

I hope you make use of this article, I am a senior tech and service manager at

PJD Business Machines “Long Islands Copier Service Company”

11:59 am edt 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Are you constantly going over your allowed copies?

Are you constantly going over your allowed copies?


The number one complaint I hear when going out on sales calls


is how they get hit with overages, copy overages can add up


quick!! well let me give you a tip and oh yea, salesman will

hate me for this but what do I care?


Ok here it goes, Salesman use a trick or let me say uhmmm


a technique ;-) , in order to compete with their competitors


and let me tell you, the copier sales is very competitive,


anyways, in order to win the bid with customers who are looking


for PRICE ALONE, the salesman will under estimate your yearly/monthly 


copy volume, by doing this, he will eliminate most other bids. So


you go with the salesman who gave you the lowest bid and after


a few months you notice that you are getting overage bills sent to


you, next thing the company says is that if you do not pay these


overages, we will NOT come to service your machine!! You know


and THEY know that you can not break a lease, they got you! now


you must monitor how much you put on your copier, just like leasing


a car, if you lease a car for three years and you go over, you have


to pay! same scenario with copiers and if you are leasing color copier

LOOK OUT! this can be very expensive and foolishly costly!!


So when you are negotiating a new lease copier, pay close attention


to your monthly/yearly volume, in fact you should know this before

the salesman enters your door!!!


When I go out on a sales call, my very first question to the customer


is “what is your yearly/monthly volume”  that is the magic question


and answer! your yearly volume establishes your copier machine

duty bracket and your maintenance cost factor.

Its easy for our company, we are a small company and we are honest!

thanks for reading! ;-)

11:18 pm edt 

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